Cosy Home insulated with Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation

spray foam insulation

Warm your home or business.

Insulate your home or business premises with Lapolla spray foam insulation keeping in heat and keeping money in your bank account. We are certain that by using our eco-friendly spray foam, you will find soon find out how much you have been overpaying on your energy bills.

Highland Timber Construction, together with Thermaprime, offer spray foam insulation and installation service around Inverness, the Highands and Moray, and are Accredited Mastercraft Sprayers and licensed Lapolla Dealers.

Spray foam insulation can be applied to most buildings. It is an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient spray foam that is the ideal choice for any structure. Lapolla Spray Foam also provides many applications and benefits, and is the primary method of building insulation available on today's  market.

Lapolla spray foam insulation is a closed-cell spray foam insulation, and is one of the most efficient insulating materials commercially available, with aged R-Values above 6.0 per inch. Open-cell spray foam is a performance upgrade over conventional insulation which leads to energy efficiency, improved occupant comfort, a cleaner indoor environment and greater noise reduction for building/home owners.

Our spray foam insulation can be added to your existing home replacing the current insulation, or it can be applied to a new home being built. When properly installed, you will find that it delivers energy savings of up to 45% for the life of your property.

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