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TIMBER Garden Rooms in Inverness and the Highlands

Highland Timber Construction produce, supply and install bespoke, hand made timber garden rooms in Inverness and across the Highlands. Our Highland made insulated garden rooms are finished to the highest standard, made to measure - meeting every customer requirement and are built to the same standard as indoor rooms in new build properties. Timber garden rooms allow you to redefine how you see and use your garden, by extending the living space outdoors – our team of professional, experienced joiners are always on hand to give advice and inspiration for your garden room project.

The Perfect Addition - Garden Room Offices and more

Insulated Garden rooms make an ideal addition to home living spaces without some of the hassles associated with extensions or other building options. Adding a fully habitable living space into the garden without encroaching on existing interior space in your home can allow for an extra spare room for visiting friends and family, a spare room for use as an office, gym or games room or an entertaining space to better use your garden for social occasions.

Professionally build garden rooms also provide additional space for hotels, bed & breakfasts, guest houses or rental accommodation, increasing capacity and generating more rental income from your property.

Timber garden rooms are also relatively quick to build and erect, with some taking as little as a fortnight from the time of order to our skilled joiners completing the project and handing over the keys.

How Timber Garden Rooms Are Made

Our team meticulously obtain your requirements before planning and proposing your ideal Insulated garden room. Our Inverness based joiners oversee the project from start to finish to guarantee that each project meets our trademark exceptional standard of workmanship and quality.

Each garden room by Highland Timber Construction is carefully constructed in our modern Inverness workshop and built from locally sourced or manufactured materials where possible. We have worked hard to source local Highland suppliers for the majority of materials used in each of our Highland garden rooms, including the timber, roofing and glazing. We understand the rigors, and the joys, of living in the Highlands. Harsh and unpredictable weather means we equip every garden room to meet your needs, year-round. Bespoke built, timber frame garden rooms provide equal heat insulating properties to all of our timber frame new build homes, constructed from 145mm timber frame panels and completed with Lapolla spray foam insulation or sheet insulation, ensuring that your new garden room can be used year-round in any Highland weather.



Q. Do I need a building warrant or planning permission for a timber garden room?

A. In the majority of cases you do not need a building warrant or planning permission for a new garden room. As experienced joiners we can guide you on what may or may not require planning permission, we also work closely with a number of reputable, experienced architects that can assist with larger garden rooms or where planning is required along with drawings or plans.

Q. Will a garden room affect my council tax?

A. If a garden structure does not require a building warrant then it likely is not counted towards the fabric of the building and so shouldn’t affect your council tax.

Q. How long does it take to build a garden room?

A. A garden room build can vary in complexity, depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the glazing, the level of groundworks required, site access, site location and many other factors. If you are considering a garden room, contact us today and one of our friendly, experienced team will be happy to assist in providing an estimate and indicative timescales based on your particular project.


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